Proper Dosage of PQQ: A complete guide

This is one of the most common questions that arises in everybody`s mind that is how much quantity of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Acid powder we need to take? So here in this article, we have described the exact dosage pattern that you need to follow so that the compound will not show any negative impact on your body. According to the recent researches, it is found that for a normal person the amount of PQQ is sufficient so there is no need to take it separately. For more detail information, you can click here.

Along with it, it is also found that the role of PQQ is just to grow your body normally without any problem. Let`s understand it with an example, mice need only 200 to 300 nanograms of this compound to grow their body normally. However, this much amount is present in their normal diet.

On the other hand in a human body near about 400 to 500 grams of PQQ required which we usually get from our diet. The main source to get this vitamin is milk and the milk contains near about 0.1 to 0.15 milligrams of PQQ in it. In the case of animals, they require some amount of PQQ in their body.

Measurements of Intake

If we talk about the amount of PQQ required to grow the body of an animal then it is near about0.1 milligram to 0.15 milligram. However, in the researches it is found that the body of an animal needs a high amount of PQQ to grow the body muscles better that is why most people prefer milk over other things.

Now if we talk about the body of an adult animal then its body requires near about 2000 nanograms to 3000 nanograms of PQQ. The amount of PQQ taken by a human is ten times more than the amount of PQQ taken by the animals. This is because the human body requires more energy and power to operate the body and there are more complex processes in the human body as compared to the animal body.

Proper Dosage of PQQ: A complete guide

The second thing that everybody needs to understand is PQQ is one of the complex types of vitamin and taking it in a higher amount can actually cause you some medical issues. However, the complexity of this substance is so much that for most of the nutrition list it is difficult to add this compound in the diet of their patients. As it is very clear that the body only absorbs 60 percent of the total intake, If you really want to take it then try to intake only 10mg of this compound in a day and according to the researches this amount is enough for the human body.


With the final words, we conclude that here we have discussed the dosage that you need to take of this compound like the Resveratrol. However, it is a very sensitive issue because a single mistake can become dangerous for someone.


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