Enhance Your Beauty with just a Neck Piece

Enhance Your Beauty with just a Neck Piece

Gold Jewelry:

Gold Necklace like 18k gold pendant necklace is something which you can wear it on the neck and women love to wear this on their neck. When you buy a gold necklace for 20 grams then the price of the necklace would be around $484.88. You cannot know what is the rate did the seller buy the necklace from the manufacture. Why people used to wear gold jewelry? It is super appealing when men and women wear it and also everyone knows gold is well known for its purity and everyone would wear these things for any festival, wedding or any other special occasion. When you wear a gold necklace it completely appeals and would compliment your looks even a bit more.

Kaasumala – Old trend:       

Wearing a gold necklace is a trend that has been started from the old times. Still, now women wear a necklace and I am telling you they look awesome with that one neckpiece. Some of them would call this as kaasumala and here kaasu means maala and mala describes the necklace. When a woman wears a traditional dress then this gold necklace perfectly matches with this. In all the wedding you would have noted this in the neck of the bride and it is probably going well the wedding outfits of the bride. For today’s rate of the gold, it would come across Rs 35000 to Rs 50000. There are different types of Gold necklace like Kundan set and close neckpiece and so on.

Enhance Your Beauty with just a Neck Piece

Types of Necklace:

These Gold necklaces are available in all parts of the world. The only thing you need is money to buy. There are so many varieties and people call the same thing in different names all over the world. Some people call it Mohanmala which is also called a gold necklace and the length of this would be in the middle of the chest of a woman. Some people would call it as Lakshmihar. This is also a gold necklace but when the design is printed with a goddess called Lakhmi then it is said to be called as Lakshmihar. There are so many designs and day by day it is getting more trendy and the modern trend of the people is to choose an antique necklace which is also gold but comes in antique model like gold cross jewelry.

Without a gold necklace whatever you wear traditionally it would not find its place for sure. Yes, a good costume would get fulfill only with this gold necklace. It adds beauty to your wear and also to you. For so many years, this thing has been followed by people.


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