Focused Up Presence & Character Creation

Focused Up Presence & Character Creation

EDIT: Since flaws and merit will be only attained here, altered from Core Rule Thread to this. F & M are all traits to provide your character more depth and taste. It’s likely to gain it via roleplay, although they are attained at character development. If needed, to use merits, while roleplaying, do incorporate it in your words/post and frighten your ST. Some virtue is active however. Flaws have continuing punishment. Any flaws are automatically added by doing while role-playing as well as rolling. Your defects may be used by ST anytime too!

Attuned Taste (2 pt): Tremere Only – Your personality has a more-so attuned flavour when using Thaumaturgy’s route of blood. She tastes happenings that are really subtle therein when your character tastes vitae. To these, the  cross product is not even magical it’s just a stimulant. Your character gains you automatic reality concerning the blood in addition. This reality can be harmful should the extra material be poisonous and is not helpful. This incapacitates the personality or can harm. Alternate Identity (5 pt): Your personality, through the institution with a different team or sect, comes along with her normal individuality, another individuality.

This additional self has a history, backstory, and qualifications that if shot at”face value” will soon be completely believable. On one note, enemies, allies, your sire, and coworkers do not know you’re this other person and will treat you as such. Boon (2-7 pt): A Kindred spend your a prefer in existence. The street scum or even the prince himself, and also the deciding factor about how much is owed and from whom will be the number of points taken could owe this prefer. This merit could be taken a few times, and in distinct stage allocations.


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